Devotional: 40 Reflections on the Cross

Ann had a unique and awe-inspiring vocation in this life.  She was called to be an icon of our Lord’s suffering in so many ways.  Those who knew her and spent time with her couldn’t help but find themselves in the presence of our Lord as He suffered His last agony.

Below is a daily devotional that focuses on the loving heart of our Blessed Mother as she stood faithfully before the Cross of her dear Son.  My parents were especially faithful in their love and care for Ann during her many years of suffering.  Their love and devotion was a true imitation of the love of our Blessed Mother for her suffering Son.

God bless,
Father Aaron Brodeski

Table of Contents


Optional Prayers:

Stabat Mater

Prayer for a Fruitful Lent

Prayer to Trust in Divine Mercy

Daily Reflections

Reflection One – A Mother’s Love

Reflection Two – The Strength of the Immaculate Heart

Reflection Three – The Thoughts of the Mother of God

Reflection Four – Spiritual Friendship

Reflection Five – Total Surrender

Reflection Six – A Leap of Joy Remembered

Reflection Seven – A Lowly Servant of the Lord

Reflection Eight – Fidelity in All Things

Reflection Nine – Unwelcomed by the World

Reflection Ten – The Sword of Sorrow

Reflection Eleven – Living in Exile

Reflection Twelve – A Shared Suffering

Reflection Thirteen – A Mother’s Ponderings

Reflection Fourteen – “Do Whatever He Tells You”

Reflection Fifteen – Hearing and Observing the Word of God

Reflection Sixteen – The Greatest of Miracles

Reflection Seventeen – Entering into Jerusalem

Reflection Eighteen – “This is My Body…This is My Blood”

Reflection Nineteen – The Agony in the Garden

Reflection Twenty – The Innocence of the Lamb of God

Reflection Twenty-One – The Scourging and Mockery

Reflection Twenty-Two – “Behold, Your King!”

Reflection Twenty-Three – The Sentence of Death

Reflection Twenty-Four – The Gaze of Mother and Son

Reflection Twenty-Five – Jesus Falls

Reflection Twenty-Six – The Holy Women and Veronica

Reflection Twenty-Seven – Humiliation – Stripped of Garments

Reflection Twenty-Eight – His Hands and Feet

Reflection Twenty-Nine – Jesus is Lifted Up on the Cross

Reflection Thirty – “Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do”

Reflection Thirty-One – “Today You Will be With Me in Paradise”

Reflection Thirty-Two – “Woman, Behold Your Son…Behold Your Mother”

Reflection Thirty-Three – “My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?”

Reflection Thirty-Four – “I Thirst”

Reflection Thirty-Five – “It is Finished”

Reflection Thirty-Six – “Father, Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit”

Reflection Thirty-Seven – The Earth is Shaken

Reflection Thirty-Eight – The Soldier’s Lance

Reflection Thirty-Nine – The Pietà

Reflection Forty – The Silence of the Tomb